bts: wildcraft studio tour

Hi there, come on in! Today on the Journal we are opening our studio doors to give you a tour of what our Wildcraft space looks and feels like. We’ll show you where it all happens: where we brainstorm ideas, where we pack and ship your goodies and of course, where we create and formulate all of your skincare products. So let’s get started.

First stop is our office space. This is where we work on our computers and handle the daily business: emails, phone calls, meetings, etc. This is also where the kitchen is so we tend to gather here for lunch and tea or coffee breaks. A lot of the time it’s around this little table that big things happen. We brainstorm and bounce ideas back and forth about potential new products, campaigns and proposals. It’s where we come together and get those creative juices flowing. We love the lofty feel to this space and the natural light that pours in. You’ll notice that we tend to keep plants around (surprise, surprise) and 90% of the time there is music playing (for us, and the plants).

Downstairs is what we affectionately call the fulfillment area. This is where all of our fresh, finished products are stored before being shipped off to you and all of our retailers. We keep all of our packing and shipping materials down here and needless to say we are up and down these stairs A LOT throughout the day, as orders come in to - you guessed it - fulfill. Up until recently, this space was also where production happened but things were starting to get a little tight and it was time to expand. We crossed the hall to our newest and coolest production space - where the magic happens.

Here we are. Absolutely everything gets made here, and all of our ingredients are stored here, too. This space is action-packed with products being formulated every single day. As you can imagine, it smells ah-ma-zing in here, with so many delicious fragrances lingering. This is also where our awesome label parties happen. We sit around this big table and hold meetings while labelling, labelling, labelling. When you’re in a cozy space with the right people, even the most mundane tasks can be fun!

So there you have it. We hope you enjoyed coming behind the scenes and entering the wonderful world of Wildcraft! We love where we work, and we especially love sharing what we do with you. What do you think? Feel free to add a comment below and thanks for stopping by!