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5 Products That Will Save Your Skin This Winter

5 Products That Will Save Your Skin This Winter

As the chill of winter sets in, your skin deserves some extra TLC. Say goodbye to dryness, cracks, and chapping with our carefully curated selection of skincare heroes. These should be the frontline warriors in your winter skincare arsenal.

Repair Balm: Swift Nourishment In A Jar

A must-have in your winter skincare routine, this little jar is your go-to solution for swiftly nourishing areas like heels, elbows, lips, and more.

Infused with a blend of enriching plant oils and luscious mango butter, this versatile recovery balm provides deep hydration to combat winter-induced dryness, cracks, and chapping.

  • "My hands have never been like this during the cold months, it’s amazing!!" - Safa K.
  • "Every year as winter approaches I develop very dry and flakey skin on my forehead. This salve is amazing! It only took three applications over three days to treat the area." - Sandra

Restore Face Cream: Your Winter Moisturizing Go-To

Bring your skin back to life with our go-to moisturizer for winter salvation. Packed with organic rosehip, calendula-infused sunflower, and geranium oils, it's a powerhouse of Vitamin A, essential fatty acids, and nourishing plant extracts that's perfect for dry, dehydrated, or mature skin that craves some extra love in the colder months.

  • "Layering this cream over the Regenerate Face Serum leaves my skin moisturized and glowing. This is perfect as the weather turns colder and my skin looks better than it ever has." - Lisa G.
  • "This amazing cream is thick, rich, and hydrating. The best I've ever used." - Maureen W.

Regenerate Face Serum: Targeted Nourishment for Dry Skin

This targeted and revitalizing formula is your go-to solution for deeply nourishing dry skin during the colder months.

Infused with a carefully curated blend of ingredients such as seabuckthorn, palmarosa, and carrot root, it's designed to restore your skin's moisture balance, boost firmness, soften fine lines, and promote natural radiance.

  • "I bought this face serum from the Detox Market and it SAVED MY SKIN! My face and neck are finally getting the moisture they need." - Danielle L
  • "This seriously helps my winter skin. No more dryness, or flaky patches. My skin glows." - Andree-Anne

Frankincense and Geranium Illuminate Body Cream: ​​Head-to-Toe Glow

Your go-to for achieving glowing skin from head to toe. Packed with skin-loving oils and delightful botanicals, this whipped body cream dives deep into your skin, giving it the love it deserves. 

We've added a touch of grounding frankincense and calming geranium to the mix, so you not only feel great but also carry a subtle scent with you all day.

  • "Amazing for my dry, dehydrated skin. It gives my skin this dewy look while moisturizing it." - Bianca
  • "I put it on all over, after every shower, regardless of the season. It’s lightweight enough to wear in the summer but such a good moisturizer in the winter." - Fiona C

Nourish Face Mask: The Ultimate Winter Skin Rescue

Tailored for deep and luxurious hydration, this whipped clay mask is especially effective for those with combination or dry and dehydrated skin.

Enriched with mineral-rich pink clay, naturally exfoliating colloidal oats, and fresh Ontario honey, this gentle mask is your ticket to restoring a softer, radiant look without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. Make it a weekly ritual to breathe life into dull skin, smooth the appearance of fine lines, and maintain that coveted skin suppleness.

  • "Looove! My skin looks and feels so clear and nourished after using this mask." - Shauna S.
  • "I love this mask so much. My skin is really dry in winter and after I use it, my skin feels hydrated, soft and nourished." - Florence G.

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