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Top 5 Tips For Dry Skin

Top 5 Tips For Dry Skin

Say goodbye to dry skin! Whether your skin is naturally prone to dryness or you experience it a little more during different times of year, we’ve got helpful tips to keep you hydrated and glowing all day long.


A regular exfoliating practice helps to invigorate and refresh the skin while priming it to accept moisture more effectively. One to two times a week, we recommend our Buff Face and Body Scrub to cleanse, smooth and draw out impurities. The gentle clays work to remove dull skin cells while softening and renewing for a lovely and refreshing experience, especially when mixed with our Wash Oil Cleanser.

Exfoliate with our Buff Face and Body Scrub

Mask on! 

Face masks work to replenish and stimulate the complexion. While both of our face masks are suitable for all skin types, each one offers a distinct experience. Listen to your skin and use Nourish to moisturize and revitalize dull, dry skin and Detox to deeply cleanse and balance your skin without drying it out. For best results, use either (or both!) once or twice a week.

Apply Serum

Face serums nourish and protect the skin with powerful, concentrated ingredients to provide much needed hydration, especially in winter. Our lightweight Refine Face Serum is ideal for oily to combination and acne-prone skin types and our Regenerate Face Serum is geared towards normal to dry and mature skin. Both are fast-absorbing and packed with vitamins, antioxidants and plant powered oils to brighten, balance and revitalize. 

Find the right moisturizer for you.


The right moisturizer is an essential step in your skin care routine, especially during the driest time of the year. Our face creams are rich in texture and work to hydrate and brighten while providing comfort and relief. Restore heals and replenishes dry and mature skin, while Clarify balances and nourishes normal to combination skin. Both can be layered on top of a serum or used on their own, but remember, a little goes a long way! 

For the body, look no further than our rich and soothing Illuminate Body Cream. For best results, apply immediately after drying the skin. And keep rough skin at bay (hello hands, elbows and heels) with our All Purpose Salve.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 

Finally, while a hot shower or bath on a cold winter’s day sounds pretty dreamy, try not to make the water too hot as it can strip away the skin’s natural oils, dehydrating it further. Limit your shower time to 5 - 10 minutes and be sure to pat dry - no rubbing! - when you’re finished. As always, it’s super important to drink lots of water, too. We love warm lemon water because the antioxidants keep your skin glowing while aiding in detoxification to keep your skin clear.

For more information, check out our routine for dry skin - you’ll be glowing and radiant in no time. And if you’re still unsure of what will work best for your skin type, you can always take our quiz. It’s fast and fun and will point you in the right direction. Do you have any tips you’d like to share? What do you do to stay hydrated during the winter? Feel free to comment below - we love to hear from you.

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