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How To Switch To Natural Deodorant

How To Switch To Natural Deodorant

There are a ton of opinions and reviews online stating personal experiences with different natural deodorants. From formulations that end up on every editor’s list to crystal deodorants in health food stores, how do you decide what’s right for you? Truthfully, there is no simple answer. Yes, if a product has a lot of positive reviews, the likelihood that you’ll have a great experience can be higher, but at the end of the day, it’s all about your body chemistry, personal preferences and how you approach the transition. Here are some tips for finding an ideal natural deodorant:

  1. Acknowledge that switching is a process and that you may go through some detoxification periods while adjusting. If your usual go-to is an antiperspirant, you’ll find you may sweat more while your body is flushing out congestion in the area.

  2. Natural deodorants don’t contain chemicals that “work no matter what”, which is a great thing when it comes to health. Think about how an antiperspirant works. It blocks your body’s natural processes, while the chemicals responsible can start to accumulate in the area. Understand that when you find the right natural deodorant for you, it will work great the majority of the time, but you might have to apply more some days when you feel a bit sweatier or smellier. If you want options, you can always have more than one natural deodorant and interchange them when you feel you need to switch things up.

  3. Expect that you might try a few before you find one that you love. It’s all a part of the process, but once you find your holy grail deodorant, you will be faithful and grateful! It’s a discovery worth celebrating and knowing you’re no longer unnecessarily applying toxic chemicals to your underarms on a daily basis is a huge relief.

  4. If you want to test a lot of deodorant options at once, gather a group of friends who want to make the transition to natural and purchase a few ones to try. Split it between the group and that way you won’t be spending a ton of money on the trial process. Keep in mind it can take a while for your body to adapt to a new product. Try each type for a week or two before dismissing it.

  5. Enjoy being in tune with your body. Stress, hormones, and hydration levels can all alter your “underarm experience”. It can be appealing to completely mask or suppress odors and sweat, but these things offer insight into what’s going on in your body as a whole. Once you get into the rhythm of paying attention, you’ll appreciate having that extra bit of knowledge.

Our deodorant is formulated for sensitive skin and has powerful natural ingredients like magnesium, kaolin clay and anti-bacterial essential oils to help absorb moisture and prevent odour. It comes in two scents: Lime and Bergamot, and Lavender and Sage.

Overall, the process of switching can have ups and downs, but it's always worth it in the end. What works for your best friend, might not be what works for you. Taking the time to test out options and find what you enjoy the most is definitely the way to go!

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