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How To Care For Natural Products

How To Care For Natural Products

One of the best things about Wildcraft is that each and every product is made with natural, fresh ingredients. That being said, they need to be treated differently from conventional products. We want you to benefit from and enjoy your experience from beginning to end so we’ve put together some tips to care for your products properly and get the most out of your natural skincare routine.


Natural skincare is best kept away from extreme heat (such as a radiator) and direct sunlight (a window sill, for example) as both can compromise the shelf life and / or consistency of your product. It is also wise to avoid keeping containers in the shower / bathtub as any introduction of water or mixing with another product can affect its makeup and longevity. The best place to store them is, for example, in a bathroom cabinet where it is cool, dark and dry.

Handle with care

In order to prevent contamination from happening, make sure your hands are clean and dry when using a natural product, and be sure to secure lids tightly after each use. This will ensure your product’s lifespan is as long as it can be, without losing any of its powerful and effective properties.


Natural products are meant to be enjoyed and used today, and every day. Saving a natural product for too long can lead to missing its expiry date and thus having to discard, which would be an awful waste and SO sad. Wildcraft’s entire line has a stable shelf life of at least 12 months, and our Deodorants, Bath Blend and Salve can all last for 24 months. To be sure of when a product was crafted, we put a date stamp on the bottom of each container to mark the DD/MM so you know exactly when it should be used. A good rule of thumb is this: don’t over-buy or stock up too much. Enjoy what you have and replenish as needed. You can learn more ways to create a routine for your skin type here.

While natural products may require a little extra TLC, it is so worth it to experience all of the benefits they have to offer - not only for your skin, but for your overall wellbeing too. Treating your products with some extra care also helps to appreciate how special they are (handmade in small batches, just for you!). Enjoy the process and you’ll be rewarded with an amazing skincare routine.

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