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Our Team

Meet the people behind the brand

Jessica Johnston

Product Development

Jessica is committed to the discovery of natural recipes for the body to enrich everyday life. Working with her hands and her longstanding passion for botany are the primary inspiration behind the creation of Wildcraft products. Jessica remains an artist at heart, who may own too many plants to speak of, but will happily talk your ear off about them anyway.

Laura Whitaker

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Laura is the creative mind behind the Wildcraft brand and directs our sales and marketing efforts. She genuinely believes in the ability of raw and natural ingredients to positively affect our well-being. When Laura is not spreading the word about Wildcraft she can usually be found scouring flea markets, planning her next adventure or chatting with friends over coffee or a nice bottle of wine.

Jake Gregory

Strategy and Finance

Jake is the business guy at Wildcraft. A consultant for the government during the week, Jake devotes all of his excess energy to setting strategy, dealing with numbers and bringing our products to market. He’s an outdoor-loving Vancouverite still trying to figure out how he became a proud Torontonian.