going natural


Shelf Life

How long will my Wildcraft products last?

Like processed food, conventional personal care products are filled with chemicals that allow them to last for an alarmingly long time. Wildcraft products are designed to rely on the innate properties of their ingredients to ward off degeneration. The scent and potency of our products can fade over time. Please try to use the face creams and body cream within 6 months, the makeup remover within 9 months, and the face serum, toners, salve, scrub, deodorants, and body oil within 12 months. Storing your products in a cool place (like a fridge) and out of direct sunlight will preserve freshness and maintain effectiveness.

Product Care

How should I care for my Wildcraft products?

At Wildcraft we want you to live the most vibrant and healthy life possible so we never put any synthetic chemicals or preservatives into our recipes. Because our products are only made from natural ingredients it is very helpful to think of them as similar to fresh food. By following a few simple product care rules you can ensure that you receive the maximum benefits from your Wildcraft products.

Keep it cool: Try your best to keep our products out of the heat and direct sunlight. Imagine an avocado in the summer, if kept on a sunny window ledge it will ripen quickly and then start to deteriorate. By keeping your products in a cool, low lit environment they will stay fresh for longer. Although it is not necessary you can even feel free to throw them in the fridge for a longer shelf life.

Keep it out of sun: UV radiation from the sun speeds up the deterioration of natural products so direct sunlight should be avoided.

Keep it tight: Make sure you only put clean hands into your containers and always seal the lids nice and tight.

What to Expect

What should I expect if this is my first time using natural products?

Since our products are made from ingredients derived from plants, there can be slight variations in the scent, texture and depth of colour between the same product. This is normal.

Many people find that switching to a natural skin care regime will immediately improve the clarity of their skin, for others the process is slightly more involved. Cutting out synthetic chemicals from your skin care regime is like cutting out processed food from your diet, it sends your body into a detox process. When switching to all natural skin care there can be a period of time in which your skin is expelling the synthetic and toxic ingredients that were present in the old products. We recommend that you start slowly. Switching too quickly can cause slight irritations, localized break-outs, increased oiliness, or dry skin. Be patient, watch carefully and know that through the use of all natural products your skin will ultimately find its balance and radiate good health.