Try our Calm Face Lotion today! Try our Calm Face Lotion today!
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"Love this lotion! It has the perfect amount of hydration and is also mattifying for my shiny-prone skin, which makes it perfect under makeup. I highly recommend this lotion - and every other Wildcraft product!" -- Tianna B.
Our Calm Face Lotion is lightweight, luxurious and great for all skin types. With a blend of powerful plant-based ingredients, this moisturizer is the perfect day cream and makes a fabulous primer under makeup.

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Light and Invigorating
The pump applicator makes it a breeze to apply this fast absorbing cream, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated in an instant.
Made with Natural Ingredients
The healing properties of chamomile work to calm and soothe sensitive skin and breakouts, while the nourishing qualities of lavender help to brighten and balance your complexion.
A Day Cream and a Primer
The smooth, silky matte finish makes this formulation an ideal day cream and the perfect primer under makeup.


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Try the Calm Face Lotion today - your skin will thank you!

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