real talk: our environmental practices September 17 2019, 5 Comments

Wildcraft HQ is a bustling place - at any given moment meetings are happening, products are being made and bottled, shipments are being received and orders are being processed, packaged and sent on their merry way. Plus, coffee is being drunk and music is playing. Because who wants to work without coffee and music?

But back to those fabulous products that arrive on your doorstep... we often get asked why you can’t send back your empty containers for recycling and reuse. Good question. And probably a lot more involved than you would imagine. For one thing, as a small but mighty company, Wildcraft doesn’t have the budget nor the space for the equipment, staff and energy necessary to properly and effectively clean used containers. You might think that you can just give them a quick rinse and be done with it but unfortunately it’s just not that simple.


Because all of our products are 100% natural, a new product risks the chance of becoming contaminated or spoiling if said container isn’t thoroughly and elaborately cleaned. Consequently, the amount of energy necessary to rigorously clean a recycled bottle or jar is extensive. Industrial machinery is needed to produce boiling hot water (at full blast, we might add) and alcohol and other chemicals would be needed to disinfect each vessel (we currently use alcohol to disinfect new containers). And then there’s the transportation and shipping to consider, depending on where you, dear customer, reside. So, all in all, while it can potentially be a bit more environmentally friendly, it’s not necessarily better in the long run.

We know that our industry is far from perfect when it comes to environmental practices. But here at HQ, it’s a top priority and we’re working on it. All of our containers are made of mainly glass and aluminum (only the lids are plastic), we use cardboard and recycled brown paper to pack and ship your orders, and whenever we receive shipments from other vendors, we try to reuse their packaging. We rarely include extra print or marketing collateral with your order; instead, we focus mostly on digital marketing, along with word of mouth.

So spread the word! And while you’re at it, let us know what you think. Is there more that we could be doing? What sustainable practices inspire you? And do they have an impact on where you buy your products? Send us your feedback - we value your opinions and ideas and would love to hear what you have to say!