embracing the art of oil cleansing November 18 2018, 0 Comments

A greater awareness and openness to the wide-variety of uses and benefits of oil has changed the skincare landscape in recent years. In general, the norm has always been to use harsh foaming agents and detergents in cleansers to give that “squeaky-clean” feel. Collectively, we have become accustomed to cleansing to such an extreme degree that many of us have experienced chronic dehydration, sensitivities, and irritation as a result. This has recently contributed to a shift in perspective and many people going in search of a different approach. We are now waking up to the beauty of using ingredients that are both nourishing and cleansing but never strip the skin.

Oil cleansing is quickly increasing in popularity because of its gentle and effective nature. There are many formulations out there, with varying consistencies and results, but overall it is being embraced as a more hydrating and gentler alternative to the classic, foaming approach.

A common misconception is that oil cleansing does not thoroughly clean skin or leaves a residue, which is simply untrue. The key is in the application and removal, which is outlined below. Using a face cloth to remove the product works the best and is recommended for all cleansers. Only splashing water on the face will rarely get all dirt, grime and makeup completely off. 

It's also important to note that oil is highly effective at lifting impurities and grease on the skin, rather than contributing to feeling oily. Even a truly oily skin type can benefit from incorporating oil cleansing, and it won't result in skin becoming oilier. After using an oil cleanser, your skin will feel relaxed, relieved and hydrated instead of tight and dry, which is ideal for all skin types.

Here are our recommended steps to gently lift impurities and revitalize skin using our Wash Oil Cleanser.

  1. Remove eye makeup with Calm and Cleanse Makeup Remover and a cotton or reusable pad.
  2. Take a quarter-sized amount of Wash Oil Cleanser in the palm of your hand and gently massage all over face and neck. Use circular and upward motions, and, if possible, use this opportunity to benefit from the aromatherapy of the lavender, frankincense, and tea tree.
  3. Once the cleanser has been thoroughly massaged all over face and neck, use a warm, wet face cloth and start to gently remove. Wipe until all residue is gone and your skin is feeling soft, hydrated and clean.
  4. Another option is to dispense a couple of pumps of the Oil Cleanser into your palm, add a small amount of water, mix and massage onto face and neck. This will give the cleanser a less rich consistency. Remove in the same way (step 3).
  5. Follow-up with a mist of the Balance or Clarify Toner, Regenerating Face Serum, and Restore or Clarify Face Cream.
  6. Use morning and night for best results.

Many find that consistently using an oil cleanser increases moisture levels and decreases irritation from dehydration. This may result in requiring less serum and moisturizer over time. Every step in a skincare routine plays its part in contributing to the health of your skin and oil cleansing is a beautiful way to be gentle and show ongoing care, especially during the cooler months.