how to: holiday decorating made easy

Dried citrus ornament

‘Tis the season, folks! One of our favourite things about this time of year are all of the pretty and festive decorations that bring the holidays to life. There’s something so inviting and cozy about walking into a home with the fresh scent of pine, cinnamon, vanilla and cloves. It awakens our senses, evokes favourite memories and generally just gives us that warm and fuzzy feeling. Which is why here at Wildcraft we like to keep things simple, natural and beautiful, exactly how holiday decorating originated.

In fact, the origins go way back to 16th century Germany and began as a way to bring nature into the house during the cold winter months. Evergreen wreaths, boughs and trees were the perfect symbol for eternal life and were hung on front doors to welcome guests or as centerpieces with candles on tables when entertaining. So what better way to decorate than to bring a little nature inside? Even in the city you don’t have to go far; you can forage in your backyard! The options are endless: acorns, berries, branches, chestnuts, pine cones, juniper… Plus it’s a fun activity for friends and family to do. It doesn’t cost a thing and it won’t take up space at the end of the season as it’s all compostable (that’s what we call a win for nature and the environment).

Use fruit to make holiday decorations!

With this in mind, and knowing how busy this time of year can be, we put together some easy decorating suggestions so that you don’t have to stress and can concentrate on just enjoying the season with loved ones.


Traditional, classic or modern, wreaths are the best place to start and we’ve found some simple and elegant examples for you. Foraged pine and cedar work well, as does eucalyptus, dried flowers and grasses. All you need is an old hanger or wrapped wire for the frame. For a minimalist approach, we love the look of these half wreaths and these. They’re perfect for a smaller home and still pack a punch! Try adding dried citrus to your arrangement for added colour and an extra fresh scent.

Minimalistic half wreat

Photo credit: The Merrythought

Mantle / table

There are so many quick and easy ways to spruce up a mantle or table top with items from nature that are fun to arrange. Pinecone garlands are minimalist but elegant. Here and here are good places to start. And no sense in getting rid of greenery leftovers just yet! If you have extra sprigs lying around, drop them in a mini vase or bottle with some berries for instant decor. You can find some inspiration here. Finally, candles and simple placeholders made with cinnamon and rosemary will contribute to make a perfect holiday setting.

Pinecone garland

Photo credit: Scandinavian Gatherings

Gift wrapping

Remember The Sound of Music and brown paper packages tied up with string? There’s something lovely in the simplicity of craft paper and twine. You can even add dried flowers, ribbon and greenery as a topper, or grab a colourful marker / crayon / paint to add a personal message. Another great and sustainable option is to wrap your gift in a reusable produce bag that the recipient gets to keep - two gifts in one! Some other great ideas can be found here.

We love Furoshiki, the Japanese way of wrapping a present, and this site even gives a tutorial. It’s a great way to avoid paper by using fabric instead, plus it’s unique and eye-catching in its simple beauty.

Wrap gifts with craft paper and greenery!

Photo credit: These Four Walls

And voila! Decorating made easy, sustainably and above all, happily! So heat up some apple cider or egg nog, put on your favourite carols and enjoy this time together. After all, it only comes once a year. Do you have any decorating traditions that you’d like to share? Is it a big part of your holiday season? As always, we welcome your thoughts, tips and ideas. How do you make your home feel festive this time of year? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section; we’d love to hear from you!